Managing Menopause - Solutions and Therapies

The choice of how to deal with the symptoms of menopause varies among women, mainly because of the individual nature and effects of those symptoms on the individual woman.

No two women are exactly alike, so it figures that neither should the treatment of their symptoms be the same. The choice of whether to use traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), to use alternative therapies, or to use a combination of solutions is a personal decision that many women are choosing for themselves.

Many women today are taking a proactive role in their own healthcare today - listening to their doctors, asking them questions, and doing their homework before deciding what is best course of action for them. Do your research - weigh the benefits, side effects and results of the therapies you are considering and go with what you are most comfortable with and ultimately with what works best for your particular symptoms.

In the meantime, take control of your health. Even if you have never been especially health conscious, making changes in your lifestyle and health routines in preparation for (or during) menopause, can have long term benefits.

Managing stress, through exercise and meditation can be one of the most positive contributions you can make to your health. Think outside of the gym, if that is not your thing, since there are a world of activities available to keep you moving and burning off calories and tension. Whatever your physical limitations may be, there is an activity for you be it walking, swimming, cycling, water aerobics, pilates or yoga, just be physical and enjoy yourself!

Do your best to quit smoking, reduce caffeine, sugars and salt intake. Substitute sodas (which leach minerals from your bones) for sparkling water, or other healthful drink. Cutting down on alcohol would be very beneficial, however having a glass of red wine now and then can’t hurt, could it?. Of course a healthy diet is very important as always, and especially at this time in life. Reduce red meat consumption and increase fruits, grains and vegetables, if you are not already.